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Upgrade S14 1.8M Cub J3 will release in 2019

1.8M J3 (S14 version) has been on the market for more than 2 years.

In the past two years, we have received many praises and suggestions from our friends for this product. Thank you for your support. Without your support, we are struggling.

We are preparing to launch a new 1.8M J3 around June 2019.

The planned product optimization direction has the following:
 Reduce the weight of 300-400g assembled wooden kits, try to control the take-off weight of the whole machine within 1.6-1.8KG.
2) Optimize the structure and use more carbon material to increase the strength of the body.
Optimize the details,will add the scale parts, such as the scale engine, vertical tail bracing,which all make it looks more real.
Optimize the oil-powered version,in order to fix the resonance problem for horizontal and vertical tail.
Optimize the landing gear set, slim down and make it more refined.

I hope that friends who like this product put forward more optimization opinions.

Existing products will be sold until around May 2019, and then enter the clearance phase, ready to welcome the new J3 from D
W Hobby.

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